ESP8266 Firmware

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A version of the ESP8266 firmware based on the esp_iot_sdk_v1.3.0_15_08_08 sdk is released. This release uses the wifi_send_pkt_freedom() function to generate beacon frames instead of using the AP mode.


AT+CWSAPID: Set parameters of beacon generator AT+CWSAPID="[ssid]",[channel num]
AT+CWSAPCH: Change beacon channel. AT+CWSAPCH=[channel num]
AT+CWSAPBR: Change beacon rate. Must be less than or equal to 1 second (1000ms). AT+CWSAPBR=[delay ms]
AT+CWSAPEN: Enable beacons (disabled by default). AT+CWSAPEN
AT+CWSAPDS: Disable beacons. AT+CWSAPDS

The firmware source and binaries are available here.

By default, the Makefile is set to build for 512kB flash modules (no "cloud" updating possible). So this should work fine on all ESP modules.

Write eagle.flash.bin to 0x00000 and eagle.irom0text.bin to 0x40000 (if using the nodemcu programmer, program eagle.irom0text.bin first).


Baudrate = 115200
AT Commands have to be capitalized, and end with "/r/n"